Monday, June 1, 2009

A Steak Escape

For the past few weeks, Brandon has been bringing home rib eye steaks from Trader Joe's on Friday - kind of as a weekend treat. He marinates them for a couple of hours in soy sauce and pepper, a trick he picked up from a Vietnamese friend in high school. It's simple and very tasty.

This week, we didn't get around to cooking the steaks until Sunday, and this time I thought I'd kick things up a bit by adding red pepper flakes, cilantro, ginger, garlic and some fish sauce to the marinade. So. Freaking. Good!

Brandon cooked the steaks on our grill pan and I served them with basmati rice (we ran out of Chinese rice) and spinach sauteed in olive oil and garlic. It was like the best kind of Asian comfort food, and the basmati rice was a surprisingly tasty, aromatic substitute for the usual Chinese long-grain rice.

A definite keeper.

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